APA National Awards 2016

I am beyond thrilled to announce that this image has won an APA NationalAWARD!!!!!!

This image holds a special place in my heart. It is worth noting that the judges who selected this photo did not know the story behind it; nevertheless, the story will be printed in the book along with the other winning photographs from the 2016 APA National Awards! Thank you Danielle Michaels for reaching out and allowing me to photograph your beautiful sons. Here is the story:

This is Cameron, an 11-year-old activist from Porter Ranch, CA. He and his family were involved in the fight to keep their community safe since the blowout first started in October. Cameron testified for the board of County Supervisors and wrote to Erin Brockovich, who responded and made time to meet him. His mom Danielle was the sign maker for many of the rallies. They were involved in the fight to move children out of schools where the air was toxic.
Their involvement came to a screeching halt when Cameron’s Dad & Danielle’s husband came down with a sudden illness. He passed away 28 hours later. He was 45 years old.

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